Thursday, 9 February 2012

Thank you to all who bought raffle tickets at our recent production of the pantomime Sleeping Beauty. The proceeds are going to support  David Tims - our musical director for the past three years - in his work with Ichanga Primary School in South Africa. David is raising money to build and maintain a music room and has now returned to South Africa to continue his teacher training and to lead a choir of young people, using the power of song to give hope and purpose to a generation of children who might otherwise never find their voices.

The lucky winners are:

221(pink) - Gina (night at hotel)
313(pink)  - Beth (DVD box sets)
322 (pink) - Rosie (hairdressing)
238(pink) - Mark (personal training sessions)
808(yellow) - James (comedy club tickets)
459(pink) - Pip (Singin' in the Rain tickets)

Thanks again to everyone who contributed.

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