Friday, 8 November 2013

Coming Soon, our Next Production 20th - 23rd November

Coming soon    Wednesday 20th-Saturday 23rd November 2013

Our Next Production   

"A History of Falling Things"    
by James Graham 
Directed by Kate Stafford                                              
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"...'Oh, you do look really good, though. You know. In the face. Oh and, uh, I love you.' 

Prisoners of their fear of falling things - keraunothetophobiacs - Jacqui and Robin are restricted to living indoors. When they meet online a relationship begins which forces them to confront their fear and discover what's real in their lives and what really matters. A History of Falling Things, a new play by the acclaimed young playwright James Graham, is a gentle love story that is fearful, funny and moving..." methuen drama
The Moravian Church Hall, 
Priory Road, 
N8 7HR     

Doors open:-   7pm,  
Curtain-up:-     7.30pm       Bar available

Buy your tickets online via now, or cash sales in local shop "Of Special Interest" Park Road, London, N8 

Tickets only £6 Wednesday 20th , all other performances £8   click here 

 ‘Graham's writing has a freshness and lightness to it . . This is a gentle, heart-gladdening love story that's warmly told’ The Guardian
Our Director says..."Romantic, charming, hilarious and poignant. There are fireworks, balloons and even a silly hat. You will leave the theatre with a big silly grin on your face. Who could wish for more than that?"
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